Bubbles in Bologna

There’s a very good chance that I was more mesmerized by these gargantuan bubbles than the crowd of excited Italian bambini pressed up against me one bustling Sunday in Bologna. These are the kind of bubbles that float in the dreams of clowns-in-training and overly ambition kids that one day end up at MIT. Remarkably, these bubbles are even capable of distracting me from creamy Italian gelato, if only for a good five minutes.

I was curious what ingredients went into such heavy-duty bubbles, and after a bit of online research, I stumbled upon the website of a man named Sam L Richards who shares his obsession for ‘Big Bubbles’ and even offers up a hefty, street-performer-ready recipe. One of these days, I’ll test this recipe and fill you in on the results, but in the meantime, I encourage you to find an empty street corner, set out your tip bucket and start inspiring those around you with your soaring orbs of brilliance and color.