Trains, treni

I love the trains in Europe. Traveling from France to Italy meant over 12 hours reading, gazing out the window and contemplating life during four different train segments: Paris to Avignon, Avignon to Geneva, Geneva to Milan, Milan to Bologna. Unfortunately, a ticket mishap in France meant that I had to repurchase my ticket in Switzerland from Geneva to Milan for a ridiculously exorbitant price in Swiss Francs. Maybe it was the Swiss Francs that annoyed me, or the persistent jet-lag, but I arrived in Milan a bit grouchy. I still love trains though. That will never change.


My Charles de Gaulle Airport Haiku

Groggy, crusted eyes
the TGV takes me South
Provence winds a wait


(P.S. Don’t take this dopey poem too seriously. It feels like I’ve spent enough time waiting around CDG, half dead to the world, to fill a whole bucket full of crappy haikus.)