This is me in the early 80’s. I would love to know what I was thinking then with my bad haircut and big rolled jeans. Did I know what was ahead of me?

Since climbing down out of that chair, my life has been a potpourri of color, adventure, love and, luckily, a lot of happiness. I credit that on account of you — all you incredible people I’ve encountered along the way.

My current work, which most of the time doesn’t feel like work, is leading road-biking and hiking trips in incredible locations for an American based active travel company. I studied at a respected liberal arts college but graduated heading into a $40/week apprenticeship on an organic farm instead of an office job in heels. I spent a year building wooden boats and a handful of summer seasons being seduced by an island off the coast of Maine working as a steward. I tried to inspire kids in Oakland by teaching them the merits of urban gardening and science in a area where green spaces were hard to come by. I’ve lived on a sailboat. I fumbled and struggled and questioned it all, like you.

I know that I’m often far away from my family and friends, but I really do carry you all around in my front pocket. And the view’s pretty good from there.

Since I know an ‘About’ page isn’t complete without pictures, here are a few.

This is what I feel like in flower form:


This is how riding my bike in the setting sun makes me feel:

1-photo (9)

And this is how I look with a little help from a photo editor:


Life is color and light and love, and I hope to share that with you, my friend.

Thank you for reading my stories. Thank you for laughing and smiling with me. I look so forward to seeing you down the road again soon…

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