Iced Tea = Home

Nothing’s better than spring in California and catching up with my remarkable friends in the Bay Area. You marvelous people, I love you! Thank you for continually making me feel at home, even though I’m so far away most of the time.

When back in Cali, I get the privilege of nesting in a little yellow house with a cheery magenta door in a diverse and dynamic North Oakland neighborhood. I swear this house has some sort of magnetic crystal center, because the door remains open, and it draws and pulls a constant and steady stream of good-hearted souls coming into our community, supplementing the lives of the 3-6 people and two cuddly cats living there. A wild and colorful garden adorns the front yard, further welcoming visitors with cheerful flowers and tasty edibles. The first California poppy that surfaces out front provides pause for seasonal celebration and reflection.









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