TMB: Day 7-B. A few hours and then goodbye…

Since I only technically walked about 1.5 hrs this morning to finish the trail, I’ll just go ahead and call this Day 7-B. It would be a shame to add on an extra day for a shabby little hour and a half of walking!

I stopped at my favorite bakery in Les Houches just after sunrise and munched on a chocolate chip brioche washed down with a double espresso before hitting the trail. As I observed people’s bakery orders, I had to smile when 6 out of 6 men all ordered pain au chocolat with their baguettes. Women, myself excluded, seemed to order more sensibly.


There were clouds in the sky this morning, and rain was on its way. I was glad to get a move on things.

Although I felt sad that it was all coming to an end, I never dreamed the whole experience would be as rewarding and rejuvenating as it was. The trails, the mountains, the food, the community, the kind-spirited people I met along the way will stay with me for a really long time. Without getting all sappy on you, my Readers, I will say that I simply loved the experience. Every last bit. And I’m going to do it again next year, only faster! So join me if you wish.

The train back down to civilization (Le Fayet) was empty and allowed me to reflect on my week and slowly start to prepare myself to reenter my life off the trail.

ciao, ciao, Mont Blanc.

Ciao, Ciao, Mont Blanc.

Day 7-B recap:
Les Houches to Col de Voza
1.5 hrs

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