Sheep’s Cheese & Lambies!

Our new cooking and walking tour in Provence starts with a visit to a quaint sheep’s cheese farm run by the ultra hard-working husband/wife team of Brigitte and Philippe Cordier just outside of Château-Arnoux-Saint-Auban. In July, our visit corresponded with the arrival of a handful of brand new, teeny tiny lambs! Brigitte let us hold one that was just three days old for picture ops and warm fuzzies!

[Ok, ok, I know. If you know me well, you’re going to call me out at this very moment for being a total hypocrite.]

Yes, it’s true, I can devour grilled lamb stuffed with roasted garlic cloves with all the finesse and marrow-sucking precision of a professional sumo wrestler. But hey, I also adore coddling these super soft, lanolin-smelling babies. Who wouldn’t? Just to set the record straight; I love lambs, over hot charcoal or jumping through spring meadows, just the same.

At least, I’m honest.







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